Company Certificates

A Label for In-Mold Injection and Manufacturing method thereof

Patent No: 10-930761
The present invention relates to a label for in-mold injection. In an embodiment, the label for in-mold injection is the first substrate, a first printed layer formed on the upper surface of the first base film layer, and a mold on the lower surface of the first base film layer Article 1 comprises the first adhesive printing layer to be formed, the first printing layer comprising a urethane-based resin and a pigment. It is formed by gravure printing the material, and the first base film layer is stretched polypropylene. Includes a film (Oriented Polypropylene Film), wherein the first adhesive printing layer is a chlorinated polypropylene resin. It is formed by gravure printing, an adhesive printing composition containing.

Multi-layer Film Label for In-Mold Injection

Patent No: 10-2019406
The present invention uses an OPP barrier film to realize oxygen permeability as in the prior art and, at the same time, does not use an aluminum film or a vapor deposition film, so it is possible to unify ecofriendly materials and achieve a predetermined barrier performance in an in-mold injection of a multilayer film label.

Green Certification

It is a system to promote the activation of green technology products and the growth of green industries by certifying promising green technology products by the “Framework Act on Low Carbon, Green Growth”. In relation to green growth, economic and technological ripple effects are significant by minimizing the emission of carbon dioxide and applying certified green technology to produce commercialized products for sales purposes.

FSSC22000(Food Safety Management System)

FSSC22000 is a system developed by integrating the standards widely adopted by the International Food Safety Organization (GFSI) to define a food safety certification system suitable for the overall food industry. It is a food safety certification system used worldwide with 'Increasing food safety efficiency,' the factor analysis based on HACCP' and 'risk management methodology.'
YOOHAN Pack obtained food safety certification from the Global Food Safety Initiative (GPSI), rare in the printing industry, in 2016. It has become possible to supply better products to customers.

ISO9001:14001(Quality Management System)

As an international standard for environmental management systems, it is a systematic approach that enables the management of environmental issues in advance through the participation of all employees
ISO 9001 refers to the quality assurance covering the entire production process of products and services. Although it is already a universal certification, we strive for continuous quality stabilization by introducing the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) element for comprehensive quality management as a standard for organizational activities.
YOOHAN Pack will continue to make efforts to gain customers' trust in its quality.