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Gravure printing is a type of intaglio printing process which involves engraving the image onto an image carrier. It is a high-speed printing of intaglio rotation using a doctor-blade. Prints produced by our fully automatic gravure printing facility and skilled technicians will make your products stand out more.

YoohanPack Gravure Coating Capabilities
  • Printable width 500 ~ 1,200mm
  • Copperplate size 800~ 1,300 MM
  • Vision width 1,450mm
  • Maximum speed 250/min
  • Substrates OPP,NY,PET
  • Printing 10 colors


It is the process of bonding the printed matter completed in the printing process to various types of secondary films according to the manufacturing specifications using adhesives. We guarantee the best quality by thoroughly inspecting defects that may occur during the bonding process.

Inspection point > Adhesive bubble, Coating defect, Curling, Size, Ink odor, etc.

YoohanPack Dry Laminiation Capabilities
  • Applicable material PET, ALOX-PET, K-PET, VM-PET, AL, WHITE-PET, NY, CPP, LLDPE, BOPP, OPP, PE
  • Guide roll width 1,300 mm (Adjustable)
  • Maximum speed 300/min
  • Average speed 250m/min


Prints completed in the laminating process undergo aging until hardening. (Move to age room and harden - high temp; 55℃, medium temp; 45℃, low temp; 35℃)


This is a process of cutting left/right to size suitable for the customer's needs with a wrapping subdivision machine and then cutting large-scale to small scales to suit the process work.

  • Machine speed 200~250M /min


After printing, the product is processed into a tube shape using adhesives on both ends of the left and right after completing the division process. It is usually used as a label for packaging beverage bottles or cup types.

  • Machine speed 380~400M /min


It is the process of shaping the print.

Perforation 14 unit
  • Maximum speed 85 sheets/min

Heat sealing

We can produce various pouches according to customer needs through heat sealing, spout attachment, and box pouch packaging machines, putting safety and quality first.

Three-side-sealing, Self-standing, Zipper pouch

Three-side-sealing, Self-standing, Zipper pouch production (Model: BH-60DLLSC) 2 units
  • Specification Width 200~600mm / Maximum length 500mm
  • Size Maximum width 1200mm
  • Maximum speed 240 sheet/min
Three-side-sealing, Self-standing pouch production (Model: SWPM-600) 1 unit
  • Specification Width 200~600mm / Maximum length 500mm
  • Size Maximum width 1250mm
  • Maximum speed 120 sheets/min

Box Pouch

Box pouch production (Model: JDM650) 1 unit
  • Specification Maximum width 700mm / Maximum length 650mm
  • Size Maximum width 1,300mm
  • Maximum speed 30 sheet/min


The process of attaching the lid to the wrapping paper adds convenience.

Spout pouch 1 column sealing machine (Model: GSP-A120S) 2 units
  • Specification Standing pouch : 70~120mm / 100~190mm
    Zipper bag : 70~120mm / 120~200mm
  • Size Maximum 11mm
  • Maximum speed 40 sheet/min
Spout pouch side sealing machine (Model : GSP-AS250)
  • Specification 150~250mm / 220~320mm
  • Size Maximum 11mm
  • Maximum speed 45 sheet/min


The finished product goes through a packaging process so that it can be delivered to customers in the best condition and is safely stored in the warehouse before the delivery.