Products Pouch


  • Packaging with three side heat sealing, the basic packaging for food
  • Various types of shapes depending on the materials and size of the packaging
  • Increase the storage convenience with a zipper when necessary

Three-side sealing stand up(Zipper)

  • Packaging with three side sealing, stable self-standing type with the filling of the contents inside.


  • Similar to three-side-sealing but with a flat bottom, self-standing type with the printable bottom. It can be displayed laydown or standing and recognizable with the bottom printing by the consumer.

Flat bottom box pouch

  • Box pouch with block or flat bottom, selfstanding due to sealing the edges of the pouch.
  • Excellent visual display with self-standing. It can be noticeable when standing or stacked.
  • Box pouch is the packaging for food, snacks, pet food, coffee, tea, and instant drinks.

Spout pouch

  • The self-standing packaging with the cap enhanced the usability of the container. Ideal for refill products.
  • The spout in the center or the side replaces the glass and PET bottles.

M-type pouch(zipper)

  • Most used packaging along with threeside-sealing. It is a three-dimensional pouch with sides for volume fillings.
  • Ideal types for expanding the size when filling the contents, stacking, and retailing.

Roll stock

  • Packaging for automatic production line, customized the length and the width to the customer’s demand.
  • The direction of the products, top-first & bottom-first.